WR 450 gearing

What gearing are most people running? After moab, I think I would like to have a little lower of a gear for the thight technical stuff. But I do like the speed of the stock gearing on the flats and roads.

Any comments?

I ride a lot of tight, technical stuff so I went to a 52 on the rear and the bike will still run over 80. I'd recommend this to anyone riding east of the Mississippi. :)

I like stock gearing for Moab. But my buddy put a 13 tooth front on from Ironman and he loves the lower first gear. That is equivelant to going up 4 teeth in the rear sprocket. :)

i ride in the blue ridge area of nc where there is some tight stuff and went to 13/52 and love it . it effectivly dropped one gear (turning 2nd into the old 1st) how often do you need to go 100 anyhow? top speed is around 85 now,plenty fast unless your in the desert.

Thanks, I think I may lower the gearing. Its probably easier to put a bigger rear sproket on vs. a smaller front right? I agree, it goes plenty fast already and I dont need to have a real high top speed anyway.

if you go higher than 52 in the rear you may have issues with the clearance between the rear slider and the sprocket, mine barely fit with a new chain(w/fredette slider)

Its MUCH easier to put a smaller drive cog on the front. It takes about 10 minutes tops and you can likely use the same chain. If you go with a bigger sprocket at the rear you have to remove the wheel, change the sprocket remont etc. AND you may have to get a new chain.

Its also much cheaper to change the front and you can experiement. If you are running a 15, try a 14 and the a 13 too !

I run 13x50 - I ride in the woods mostly and I can still top approx 130 kmh when I need to, which isnt that often and anyway that kind of speed on a dirt bike certainly gives me enough pucker factor for my needs.


I like to run a 48 in the desert and a 52 for mountain trail riding. Both fit fine with the stock chain length.

Motoloca - check your PM.

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