Stock Excel rear wheel for sale

Anybody need a rear rim for a 426? I bought it with the intentions of building a rim for my studded tire in the winter when I ride on the river. It would have been alot easier to just switch wheels than removing the tires every spring/Winter . I think I want to by a complete wheel set from comes with sprockets - rotor - tire ( everything ) for $800 front and rear ( new ) . This rim that I have is in excellent condition . I paid $75 for it plus shipping . Will sell for $50 plus shipping ( Seems like a fair price ) . :)

Is it a complete rim with hub and spokes if so i will take it

I need a front rim. If you have one I'll buy it.


Sorry this is a rim only ! no spokes or hub :)

Hey... my rear rim is anything but straight and true so I could use a new one. If you still have it for sale I'll take it.

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