Ty kicks some serious "A" again.......

Ty Davis is having a hellof a season.

Another win in UTAH!!!

I raced this one and let me tell you about ROCKS!!!


I started in a bad line and had to cros a 10' wide wash with about a 3' drop at the 100' mark!

Then we had to weave thru the sage for about 1/2mile.........I was probably in the last 20 guys at the first turn! :D

It is not like me to have a bad start.

I worked and worked riding MX style thru each and every wash and turn.........slide/accelerate/slide/accelerate!!!

I was deep into the experts by half way thru the first loop. 48miles.

My pit crew was not expecting me in that soon so they were not ready and I had to gas myself. even though I did not really need it but I needed goggles anyway. While I was gassing, my kik starter fell off .......and i had 37miles to go!!!

Should I go or bag it.

I was having such a Fun and good race cuz I was probably in the top 30 AM by now but the delay put me back about another 10 guys by the time i left the pits!

I ended up NOT killin the motor for 37 miles!! :D

whooooo hoooo!!!

It seemed the safer I road the more I thought about it and the closer I came to killing it!

I finished 19th out of about 100 AMatuers.

I had one of the funnest races ever. cuz I was passing someone all the time. I honestly only got passed by 5 ppl all day! not bad for 83.5 miles!! :D

But the point of my thread is that Ty finished about 5min in front of 2nd and 3rd place!

My friend Dustin Headman finished 3rd OA!! :)

Prtty damn good.

The kid is awesome.

I think on any given day he could win one of these NTLS'.

But right now I think Ty is UNTOUCHABLE.!

Anyone know anything about WORCS?

They are bringing one of their ntls' to UTAH on sat may25.

I am going to give it a shot.

let me know any info on worcs that you have!



Local Results


SX Results

MX Results

Desert Results

Contact us

USRA Round 3- National Hare and Hound Scramble Series Rd 4

Hosted by the Sugarloafers in Cherry Creek, Utah

For more informaiton about the Sugarloafers, please visit their Web site: www.sugarloafersmc.com

Race Results:

Place/Name Class Number

1. Ty Davis

4. Russ Pearson

3. Dustin Headman

4. Destry Abbott

5. Andy Grider

6. Rob Phillips

7. Rob Zimmerman

8. Taber Murphey

9. David Ondas

10. Brad McNew

11. Kurt Caselli

12. Cody Young

13. Bryce Olson

14. James Summers

15. Joey Lanza

16. Damien Galford

17. David Rees

18. Bert Bradford

19. Kelly Hill

20. Kevin Hasten

21. Bruce Hansen

22. Justin Deschamps

23. Mark Lundgreen

24. Chad Gottfredson

25. Shane Littlefield

26. Daniel Madsen

27. Cody Padrnes

28. Kerry Lynn

29. Steve Pitts

30. Jason Orndorff

31. Kevin Harshman

32. Scott Parks

33. Chilly White

34. Chris Mast

35. Bill Sharpe

36. Gabe Strouse

37. Conrad Batham

38. Ryan Anderson

39. David Wilson

40. Jason Weeks

41. Jared Buoy

42. Titan Mckibben

43. Alan Myler

44. Darrin Tuckett

45. Jayson Densley

46. Chris Maas

47. Steve Bott

48. Andrew Angle

49. Geoff Madsen

50. Steve Miller

51. Tad Goimarac

52. Steve Fry

53. Lynn Worwood

54. Mike Tolley

55. Steve Nostrom

56. Ben Thorn

57. Corey Johnson

58. Dan Dawson

59. Jeff Boyd

60. Steve Lundgreen

61. Ton Shivers

62. Kenneth Jones

63. Scott Miller

64. David Kamo

65. Duane Quale

66. Rick Law

67. Jake Simmons

68. Eric young

69. David Webster

70. Kelly Fisher

71. Preston Gerber

72. Charles Canfield

73. William Perkins

74. Jeramie Young

75. Ron Miller

76. Brandon Call

77. Jacob Clark

78. Guy Green

79. Shane Bartholomew

80. Eric Nelson

81. Scott Fisher

82. Greg Skeems

83. John Heltz

84. Andrew Poe

85. James Angle

86. Chris Green

87. Randy Lindsey

Congratulations on your race. I've missed the last 2 Utah Nat'ls because I didn't feel like driving all that way to race in the extreme dust. It sounds like this one was a good one though. Those races are awesome when they get some rain.

Anyway the web-site for WORCS is www.worcsracing.com We will be there. As much as I like Ty I hope our guy wins this one. Robert Naughton top privateer on a Suzuki out of Flagstaff, AZ.

TRH, Dustin Headman!!!!!! Strong,Strong performance!!!!!!!! I can't imagine riding as fast as him. This was a huge accomplishment for him. I don't know anything about him but to beat most of the worlds best is amazing. Better yet he was on his CRF450F (not your typical desert bike). Yes Ty is the man but he really has his hands full right now. Destry and Shane are seriously fast.

Tell Dustin great job, I saw his picture in Cycle news..

Peace DL :)

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