Great Track N. Texas, Nocona MX

Here's a couple pictures of the Nocona MX track. The track is located about 20 minutes from the town of Muenster. It doesn't seem like to many people know about the track, yet. There was maybe a total of 20 people there last Saturday.

Looks like a nice track. Do you have a URL, directions or a phone number for the track?

dude! that track looks nice and safe to ride on unlike Shady Grove....

The dirt looks very forgiving....

how do we get there?

are four wheelers allowed on the track

Yeah Nacona is a pretty cool track!! Yes they allow 4-wheelers on the track...keeps the dirt from getting rutted in the corners. LOL I can't find what I did with the flyer they gave me though...I'll look for it some more.

Here's the number 940-825-3639, sometimes you get a recording other times you get a real person(I think it's their home # too) and directions from the Dallas area

I35 North to Hwy 82 go west

30 miles to clay street in Nocona turn right. (its before the Subway, 2nd stop light

Turn left on 1759 (its not far after you turn on to clay street) Follow 1759 for 4 miles the track is on right, can't miss it

The pictures are only about half the track, I was to lazy to walk around and do more pictures. I was told by one of guys there that the owner let him ride during the week also.

No comparision to Shady, it makes Shady look well you'll see. The only negative I have is the hour and a half drive. Send me an email if anyone wants to meet out there. I'm out for this Saturday and Sunday I'm going to VC, hoefully, but next week I'll probaly go out there on Saturday.

Hope to see you guys there this Saturday.

I've been riding Nocona since last fall. I made a post about it in this forum and no one read it. Yes, it is a great facility and they race every other Sunday; next race tomorrow (May 26th). They also have a mini track; my 5 and 7 year olds have been riding their JR50 & SX Pro Jr. on it and love it. It is our favorite place to ride.

Leroy (owner) says that they've gotten their name in the hat for some bigger events next year. They deserve it.

BTW, I have pictures too but don't know how to attach for your viewing pleasure. They are pics saved on my hard drive. In the reply window I don't really see a way to attach. When clicking on the image button it asks for a URL. Any help would be appreciated.

426 Pilot,

Email me the pictures on I'll put them up on my web page with my pics.

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