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bike starts at first then won't right after

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Just did a full rebuild on my 2001 kdx200, started right up and sounds great. The other day it bogged out while I was riding, come to find out 2 wires disconnected from each other. Plugged them back in and kicked for 20 minutes with no luck, figured it was flooded. 2 days later, today, It started on second kick after sitting, ran it for about 20 seconds then shut it off, and immediately after I shut it off, I can't get it to start again. Just keep kicking and nothing.

Any idea on what the problem is?

Not sure if it's spark related, or maybe the carb is flooding the engine? It did sound really lean when I started it, which it normally doesn't as I have it jetted slightly rich.

Any help is really appreciated, thank you!

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