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2019 KX450 Showa Fork Rebuild

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 My fork seal is leaking on my 19 KX450, and I just checked my owners manual to see if it was 2.5 or 5wt oil. The only thing the manual says is "Suspension Oil A15-00 Part Number 44091-0023".  I couldn't find it online, and it doesn't appear to be the normal Kawi SS-19 5-wt oil. 

The dealer looked it up and it says that oil is only for 2019 KX450 and is $57/qt!  

I gave pro circuit a call to see if they knew what weight oil it was and they weren't sure, but said Showa put a ton of additives in special for this fork for the coatings and to reduce friction.  Anyone know what this stuff is?  

I like the feel of my fork as is so I don't want to change it... I also don't want to cheap out throw some random 5-wt in and not be happy with the fork action. 

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