neutral switch

Does anyone know what the neutral switch does? It doesn't say anything in the manual about it. On motoman 393's site it says you can disconnect it for better starting, and I have heard of people removing it when wet sumping their bikes. Is it a good idea to disconnect it for easier starting?

search it...


I heard the neutral switch was only there so the bike could pass FIM db regs. Now you can only remove it on a 98. Your not supposed to remove it on anything newer.

Do a search on the blue wire mod, this disconnects the neutral switch. ZipTy racing also makes a neutral switch cover which allows you to remove the switch and replace it with the ZipTy piece.

The neutral switch is used to pass sound test requirements in Europe. I've removed on my 98, 99, 00, and 01. It save a little weight only and just cleans the bikes up a little.

If the blue wire going into carb will help on starting procedures. Do a search and find more details there.

Good luck. Ty Davis' cap is easy on the pocket book and the procedure is about 10 minutes to remove. Good luck!

You are all wrong

The Nuetral switch is there so if the Romulans catch you in the nuetral zone, then you have an alliby fr being there, and the fedraton dont have to explain why .

Its like the Universal Translater

My 2 cents:

The switch is tied to the rev limiter. In neutral, revs are limited to 7500 rpm. In gear to 13500. The intent is to prevent you from scattering your engine should you miss a gear. As free revving as these bikes are, it would be easy to exceed the 13500 limit without a load just from the inertia of the engine. By limiting to 7500 in neutral, over rev in neutral will be prevented.

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