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Need Help Identifying Some Parts

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Disclaimer: Novice mechanic here but slowly learning!

I recently bought a 2013 KX450 that had a leaky water pump, so I bought the rebuild kit to replace the gasket, seals, and bearings and got to work.

When I opened up the engine case I must not have taken it off square and out popped a gear and seal.  I had no idea where they came from so I looked into the service manual for answers, but I'm still not sure.  

I attached a picture of the engine cover and I think I've found where these parts go, but I'd like an expert opinion before I start throwing this back together.  There's a free spinning shaft which I highlighted with a red circle where I think the gear goes and an orange circle where I think the seal goes (in the engine cover picture).  If in fact this is where the gear goes, it seems strange to me that it would not be held in with a nut or circlip of some sort.  Also, I'm unsure of which direction the gear goes on - with the boss facing out or the boss facing in as shown in the third picture.

This is the first time I've had the engine case off on any bike, so I'm a bit unfamiliar with what I'm looking at.  I'm now paranoid that something else fell out that I'm missing, but looking through the diagrams in the service manual it looks like I caught everything.

Anyways, any insight would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks

Engine Cover.JPG


Gear and O-Ring 2.JPG

Gear and O-Ring.JPG

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