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I own a WR450F 2012 - injected model and have hot-start problems. I can leave my bike two weeks alone and don't start it, when I push the choke it will start instantly. y battery is fresh (Yuasa 7 130CA) , I changed the brushes of the start engine for new OEM ones , I checked valve clearance (perfect) compression perfect, fresh fuel etc etc  and also the "jetting" is right on the mark (I have been riding for over 40 years and owned 4 WRF before and know how the bike should be).

When I am trail riding and the bike stalls for whatever normal reason, it won't start of very difficult. When I kick start it it already starts when I am half through the stroke so very easy - i noticed something WEARD that I wanted to share on this forum to see if this is normal for this bike model .

This bike has a LOW and HIGH beam front light. When I turn on ignition button, the low beam and rear light switch on, but high beam not -  the high beam will only turn on automatically , a split second after the bike effectively starts.

NOW I noticed that when this bike stalls (so I don't turn it off because with the switch button) the HIGH BEAM stays on (this is - if I am not mistaken a 45W Halogen light bulb) and draws substantial power fro the battery that competes with the (i) start engine and last but not least (ii) the injection pump.

SO I THOUGHT well if I put a SWITCH and manually turn from light off the problem goes away so I did BUT NOT.

Now I am suspecting that the bike's ECU has like a couple of modes like start, idle, off idle etc etc but MY BIKE does not perceive that it is in start mode (but remains in Idle mode) and actually should go back to the START MODE (so front light high beam off) AM I RIGHT?

Can anyone with this bike tell me that when it stalls the front light high beam shuts automatically off and back to lust the small little front light? I am eager to know - if this is the case I think that there might be a sensor that is faulty - or else ...?

Thank you for your replies...

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