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'90-95 XR250R swingarm/brake conversion

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A while back I picked up a '95 XR250R swingarm that I plan on installing on my '90 XR200R in the near future, to save a little weight and have rear disk brakes. 

I missed out on a totally complete rear brake system for $75 a while back which sucks. I look on Ebay every now and then hoping to find a great deal on a complete or near complete setup but no luck lately.

Is anyone aware if Honda used the same brake system that was used on the '90-'95 XR250R, on any other bikes? 

If so, then I can expand my search. If not, then I'll just keep looking at 250 parts til I find the right setup for the right price. 

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I've done two conversions and you will also need a disc brake rear wheel and Honda XR will be bolt on but there may be differences in rim width among models but you can check part fiche to verify rims and hubs.

The rear brakes are pretty uniform on the XRs, again some part fiche research will ID calipers and pads. Me easiest go to for calipers is to check the EBC catalog for brake pads. If you buy a rear caliper with the bracket things will be easier because caliper changes often involve anchor pin spacing and style. I prefer XR brackets because the wheel is removable wo undoing the brake, the XR bracket has a upside down "U" slot to fit over the axle and the SA has tabs extending aft of the slot to support the axle during service. Make sure you use the safety clip on the right side, it is shown on the part fiche. I helped a friend with  that used the 86-89 drum brake SA and an 88 RM250 rear wheel and brake, but it is easier if you use all XR parts. The conversion on my 01 uses a 89 RM rear wheel (very light) and XR parts for everything else. I had to convert the wheel bearings to a 17mm axle and make custom wheel spacers.  Buy a brake arm pivot from a rear disc XR250R because it fits your frame and has an arm for the MC.







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