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Charging a dead battery with an underpowered tickle charger

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Hello peoples from around the world ,

I have to admit , this is about my car battery but the same principle applies .

So i have a 12V 55ah battery , a charger that charges at 3 ampers , and on the cover says "for batteryes of max 60Ah" .

I am afraid that if i ever buy a stronger battery then this charger will be useless , so my problem is , if I buy a 100Ah battery , and charge it with this charger  , this means it will  charge it at 60% ?

Just for information , I am not really going to buy a 100Ah battery yet .


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It will fully charge it, it will just take longer.

For simplicity, lets say you have a completely dead 50Ah battery and a 1 amp charger. It will take 50 hours more or less to charge it. A 100 ah battery, 100 hours.

You have a 3 amp charger and a 55ah battery, that means it can take 18+ hours to charge it. A 100 Ah battery, about 34 hours.

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