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CR 125 Forks and Triples

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I have an 03 CR 125 and I have recently purchased a set of 47mm Showa Forks off an 04 CRF 250.

Looking to get some advice on which triple to go with. Should I go with the OEM 04 at 24 MM offset or is it worth getting the 08-09 OEM triple with a 22 MM Offset is there any compatibility issues going with the 08-09?

Bike will mainly be ridden on MX track.


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Sorry I won't be much help concerning triple clamp compatibility but I will suggest some advice for those Showa 47TC forks.


They are somewhat known for internal seals prematurely wearing & leaking which, make for mushy dampening.

More specifically, it is the lower cartridge rod seal (where the rod enters the cartridge) and, the ICS piston inner seal.


Both of these seals are not shown on the manufacturer's parts fiche and aren't available thru Honda but

can be purchased from specialized suspension vendors like Factory Connection etc. 

(use OEM 'NOK' brand seals only to refurbish!)


My '08 CRF250X and a friend's '07 CRF250R which I both service and revalve the suspension suffered

from this internal leakage/mushy dampening until these seals were replaced, so relatively common on older forks.


If you have the ability to do standard fork maintenance (bushings, seals, oil)

this isn't much more complicated.  There's a good how-to video on YouTube.


Keep in mind these forks will require a bit of tuning, unless you weigh over 200lbs,

the stiffer spring rate and valving of the CRF250R forks will likely be too stiff for a 125.

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