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offroad Garrett Poucher and Skyler Howes Dakar 2019

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Garrett Poucher and Skyler Howes of Garrett Offroad Racing are headed to Dakar!  These US privateers are headed there for their first times but Skyler is fresh off a victory at last week's Baja Rally, won the Sonora Rally in March and this team placed third in the Baja 1000.


They have a fundraising link set up and could use your help.

I raced with Garrett at Baja Rally last year and then both of them at Sonora and was honored to pit with them as well.  They're both super guys and work their assess off.  I think they both have good chances of not only finishing the 11 days of Dakar but placing well.

They're doing some rally training events this Sat, Oct 20 in Santa Clarita, CA and then another Oct 28th in St. George Utah so if you've ever considered learning rally raid navigation, this is your chance!  It's a lot of fun too.  More info on that at the link.

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I remember Skyler blowing by me in a USRA desert race on his 125 making me feel like I was standing still.

Good luck to you boys, give it hell

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48 minutes ago, Woonjas said:

Cool to see Americans in the Dakar. Who knows, it might actually get some coverage in the US

We usually get daily 1/2hr highlights in Canada on TSN and Andrew Short did amazing well for his first time with an injury at the end of the race last year

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