2000 YZ 426 For Sale Like New (pic posted)

Just took off the bent stock bars from the 3rd ride crash of my brothers, put on azonic triple clamp and Renthal Fat bars, Bike has around 6-7 hours on it.....Perfect bike, all stock...Need to sell asap, bike is in michigan ready for delivery. will deliver if reasonable.

$3800.00 or make offer....E-mail me: fxprint@tir.com


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I will take a pic today and post it.

Whats that dark spot its dripping on the floor under the engine Ehhh!

Pluss Take a look at the front fender real close, are those Stress bends (White Area) Is the Tree OK

Trying to pull a fast one are weeeeeeeee

real clean bike ever ride it :)

just helping to keep the post on top

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if it had the titanium valves i might think about it

dark spot is where gas came out of the over flow tubes ,had to scoot it into position in my tight garage last night, whats up with you guys, it is what it is, no fast ones on any one.....the fender is creased from the crash....I opted not to replace it...who ever buys the bike can fix it at a price around $3800.00........just trying to pass on a great deal to a fellow TT'r,............I also have a CRF450 for sale w/2 hours on it......hey whats up with the dirt spot on the seat....hmmmmm


[ May 22, 2002: Message edited by: RailingRick ]

Ya whats up with that dirt spot on the seat

Sniff Sniff

Hey that aint no dirt spot :)

Dude, do you ever ride any of your bikes?

HeeHee :)

how much for the red thing?

Ya, it like, the bikes are nice and all, and Im just not racing anymore PPPPPPPHHHHHHHH, right,

me thinks he's going 03! Nothing wrong with that dude :)

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