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Suggestions on building out my XR100?

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What up my xr people? I recently picked up a 1985(I believe) xr100 that I plan on building to the moon. Not sure if the motor ran before I got it, I didn’t even try. Figured it would be best to bring her back to life with brand new goods.


I’m green to the xr world so I’m looking for suggestions on what I should do. I’m currently in the process of sand blasting the frame to get ready for powder coating.


I’d like to convert it to the newer style tank, plastics and seat, is that possible? (If so where could I find them?) How about...


Triple clamps?

Suspension? (BBR?)

Points to CDI?


Motor? (Thinking just a 120)






Anything else that should be done to be competitive with built Xr’s? Like I said this xr game is brand new to me so I’m listening to any suggestions.







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Also I’m going to be putting xr80 wheels on it. This bike is being built mainly for the Xr grass race at redbud.

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