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Idle starter gear question

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Was there a design change at some point? Some bikes I've seen have this looking gear: 1586172091_ScreenShot2018-10-17at11_00_27PM.png.92ddd5746e572bb0caa96eae6a7a83dd.png



and some the split gear like this: 1115241718_ScreenShot2018-10-17at11_01_59PM.png.81810482f38be19f5ade42b0209d5440.png


The reason I am asking is because I noticed some only have one shim behind the gear (behind the snap ring against the case), and nothing on the front (against the cover). 

I'm sure some old drz heads here know more about this. Why are some assemblies shown with one shim and others with two, and whats the deal with the different gear styles? Does one style require two shims and one doesn't? 

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10 minutes ago, 1hp said:

clues on this page:


Ah okay, thanks. I've read those FAQ a bunch, forgot he touched on this. Anyways glad I didnt put mine back together wrong. Suzuki slipped up

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