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front brake calimper from wr426f at 320mm rotor

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hello to everybody!

i have an tenere xt660z 2008 and some days before i replace the forks,wheel and brakes with one of wr426f 2002.

Tenere have two front rotors at 300mm

with this replacement i have one 250mm rotor front with brake calimper from wr426f.

brakes dont work  ....

and i bought one 320mm rotor for front brake..


the brake calimper from wr426f doesnt cover whole serfise from rotor,

i mean the pads cover and work at the half serfise of rotor not  whole serfise .

50% is untachable from rotor, so the brakes doesnt work at maximum...


maybe brake calimper from wr426f cant 'hug' 320mm rotor at full?????

one friend told me that my solution is another brake calimper,

one from TDM 900 without abs,for better results olso..

i have no brakes.. HELP!!

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If you're still using the stock master cylinder , the hydraulic ratio is all wrong. It's a ratio of the master cylinder's piston area verses the combined area of the caliper's pistons. You main problem is your master cylinder's piston is TOO BIG now for the lesser piston area of your single caliper. You lever moves less now and you have to squeeze it twice as hard to get the same results. You need a master cylinder with a piston the size the WR has.

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I keep my master cylinder from tenere..

I change the brake cylinder, someone told me that brake cylinder from tdm900 will be fine

I dont know, but i need something better

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