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I have had this bike for about a month. Bought it barely running. You had to leave the choke on to get it to run. As soon as you closed the choke it would die. My first step was to clean the carb and just check the valves while I had it apart. The carb wasn’t super dirty. The valves weren’t off by much. The only way I can get this bike to run was to install a 50 pilot with the air screw 3 1/2 turns out. Then it would idle. Upon further review I noticed it had a big or cut out 1/4 to 1/2 throttle. I figured it was the needle so I lowered the clip position two positions down. I also did the print mod to get rid of the big when you whack the throttle. I just have never had a bike down here on Louisiana need a 50 pilot and the needle to be set in that position. The bike is completely stock from what I gather. 

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1 hour ago, Nicknickranger said:

air screw 3 1/2 turns

That would be the fuel screw on a 4-stroke.


Go back to stock jetting specs.

if the engine won't idle and run half decent on stock settings, there is a problem elsewhere (blockage, air leak etc.)


The Keihin FCR carburetor can be finicky to some harsh solvents (even some carb cleaners)

and internal seals can swell up (especially if dunked) making for a sorts of driveability issues.

It also has many wear items that must be serviced, considering your's is 12 years old by now.

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It is one or more of these:

a partially clogged pilot jet and or passage. Put in a NEW 42 OR 45 PILOT AND REAM THE PASSAGE ABOVE IT WITH FINE COPPER WIRE


a cracked hot start nut or a corroded hot start plunger: MASSIVE LEAN CONDITON, VERY COMMON. REPLACE / CLEAN

a worn out needle jet/emulsion tube: THEY WEAR OUT, OVAL OUT, AND CAUSE STRANGE SYMPTOMS. REPLACE

Plug caps go bad / they desolder; inspect it


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