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ACCT Reset w/ pictures

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Hi, has anyone got a guide on how to reset the ACCT on a 2003 drz400s with pictures or diagram please? New to this and don’t know too much about them



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Reset? as in reinstall it?
Assuming you have the 2nd or 3rd gen ACCT;

Remove the cap from the rear of the ACCT, that releases spring pressure, pull the pawl away from the adjuster, and push the adjuster into the ACCT body..set it aside

With cams timed properly and the motor at tdc, install the acct body, then install the spring and the cap..... Your done

If you have the older 1st Gen wind up type ACCT, throw it in the trash....actually thats a good idea for the 2nd and 3rd gen ACCT as well... but that is not what you asked. 


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