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PDS shock Bleed Box experiment / Video

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After being frustrated with using the bleed bottle technique and not willing to purchase a vacuum bleeder, I wanted to attempt to build a bleed box and rebuild my PDS shock while fully submerged. The idea is to take air out of the equation and see if this technique is feasible and possibly more efficient and affordable than the alternatives.

I conducted this experiment a few weeks ago and have been able to verify that the shock feels great. My takeaways so far are...


  1. It's very easy, the whole assembly process takes no more than 10-15 mins.
  2. The shock seems to be fully bled out when testing on the bench. There is no hint of air in the shaft and the shaft extends smooth and to full extension
  3. It took 7 qts of oil, and I will save the remainder of the oil for the next shock servicing.
  4. It was far less messy than I expected, cleaning the shock afterwards with Purple Power and a pressure washer took only a few minutes.
  5. Much less time consuming than using a bleed bottle, and far better piece of mind.


  1. Even with a shock washed in the dishwasher, the unused oil is slightly darker than when I started. Ideally I would love to filter the oil before the next shock servicing. I plan on screening it to ensure there is no dirt in the oil.
  2. That's it so far, I do not see any other downside.

For my own personal use, I plan on using this method and save myself the expense of purchasing a vacuum bleeder. It's another option for DIY'ers and IMO a much better method than using a bleed bottle.

No trolls. Constructive negative or positive feedback or comments only please

Video note: Jump to the 4:55 mark to skip the intro explanation and view the step-by-step process


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It's a good system used by many ,just can be wasteful

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