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Parabellum windscreen from 650SE on 400s

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Someone is selling a Parabellum windscreen for a 650SE for cheap on craigslist and I'm wondering if I may be able to get this to fit my 400s (06)? I know Parabellum's website shows a different model for each one but I'm hoping someone has input on this since it's such a great deal. I also looked up the triple tree (or whatever you call it) setup on the 650 and it's clearly different so I know it would be a challenge but I'm thinking that the people who custom fit a headlight might chime in and say this is possible. 

It's a long shot but I figured I would try! Here is the photo from craigslist and the steering stem/fork bracket for each DR.

Thanks in advance,






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The whole headlight surround is the same between the 650 and 400 , I had a pile of 650 parts from a build for a neighbor and put that headlight and mount right on my drz  for the LED setup. I didn't compare the hardparts below them when it was here but it was a little different so can't say just how far off . I'd bet it would be fairly easy to make work . I just got a GSXR screen to try for winter time .



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