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Xr250 Electrical problems??

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I recently picked up a 1993 xr250 Baja, been well looked after, full service etc but 2 weeks ago I started having problems. It had been stood for 3 weeks after buying while I sorted out the insurance & when I came to start the lights & LCD dash worked fine but the bike wouldn't start, after bump starting it it worked but was popping & banging in 1st gear so I replaced the battery & added redex to the tank & the bike was fine. 

Fast forward a week & half later to today & the bike starts fine, I ride it for 30 minute's then turn off. Go to start the bike 5 minutes later & nothing. The lights & dash work but the front light dims every time I push the start button & there is not a single sound coming from the bike. My mate mentioned it could be the battery but it's new. After checking every button & making sure I wasn't stupid enough to hit the kill switch  I bump it & it starts immediately. I ride around the block then turn the bike off, leave it for 5 minutes before starting it up again. I do this several times &  It starts perfect every time. The only thing wrong is the rear light is now not turning when it was perfectly fine before however everything else works fine. 

I'm assuming it's the electrics but my knowledge of bikes is non existent so any help would be appreciated.




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Sounds like you might have something sucking power all the time, draining your battery while it is not in use. Fully charge the battery and let bike sit for a day or so and then check the voltage of the battery. If it is lower than when it started then something is draining it.

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