international motorcycle brokers,anyone used this site?

is this motorcycle broker web site real,or is this some kind of rip off. they claim 04 wr450 for $5399 brand new in the crate,and $200 to ship anywhere in the US. the link was on this site? :D:)

Be very careful. The California DMV is really touchy when it comes to registering gray market (i.e.- Canadian) bikes.

The following is an excerpt from the CARB memo dealing with this:

"All 1997 and newer (over 90cc) and 1999 and newer (90cc or less) greymarket OHVs (not manufactured for USA sale or use) that do not comply with California certification requirements and are not covered by a valid Executive Order are not legal for sale or registration in California."

the link to the document is:


I know there are ways around this but be aware of it heading into the deal. You should get them to guarantee CA registration as part of the deal. Of course if you don't intend to register the bike then it's no problem but that kind of limits it's resale value.

Yes beware. That memo came out after I bought my bike from Canada and now I'm stuck with the problem (running a Vermont plate). I don't think I could even get a CA green sticker for it. May have to sell it out of state (to a TT'r of course) if I get hassled by the coppers. Any of the bikes that now DO meet the Dual Sport criteria are alot heavier and not as fun to ride. I really love the bike too. It sucks. :):D :D

I bought my bike from there and had no problems, it is a great deal for sure, but living in Cali I wouldnt recommend it unless you either 1. move or 2. register it in another state.

thanks 4 the good info guys :awww::thumbsup:

I live in Italy and I just received my new/crated 04' WR450F from International Motorcycle Brokers. $5699 + $500 for air delivery all the way to Italy...took just 5 days and I had my bike. It was great service. We'll see what happens when I return to the states and try and get a sticker. :thumbsup:

I just bought a new '04 for $5500 from Bardwell Yamaha in Mississippi.

It's really looking like I'm going to have to drive to Mississippi to buy when I'm ready. Is that place closer to Florida than Lake Hill Motors?

Lake Hill is in N. Mississippi, Bardwell is about 1 hr north of Baton Rouge.

Ok, that's in Brookhaven then right?

That looks like it will be about 1.5 hours closer to me by Mappoint. No one around here wants to deal at all. I'll check GA and AL before I make the trek, but I'm definitely not afraid to drive.

Btw, was that $5500 OTD or with additional costs?

This place is great!!! I bought my 04 YZ450 from them, and it was an awsome experience. They keep you updated every step of thew way. and way cheeper that the local deelers!!!

You can get a rellly good dela on a last years model, when the 05s come out

I live in WA state and have dealt with Zach on a couple of bikes, no problems. Can't speak for CA residents but to get WA state ORV tags you have to pay sales tax. Still saved a bunch of money.

I tried to give my business to my local dealer but he insisted on charging me $600 set-up for a couple of dirt bikes. Told me if I didn't like it to take my business elsewhere........Dangerous words to a cash buyer.

I ended up buying my bikes from Rock River Powersports. I got the YZ450F for $4900 plus $200 shipping. And as if that wasn't cool enough, they put the entire thing on my Yamaha credit card.

My local dealer, and all of them within 100 miles, are charging retail plus about $700 dealer prep. Plus if I bought in Florida I would have to pay sales tax. By ordering from Rock River I got the YZ and a TTR125L for my wife to ride for less money than just the YZ locally. These dealers need to get their heads out of their asses.

My bikes shipped yesterday and they're supposed to arrive at the terminal Monday. The only sucky part of this all is that I have to drive to Orlando to get them and it will probably be Friday before I can make the drive. :thumbsup:

I can't wait.

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