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Good day!


I am an engineering student that hails from Pretoria, South Africa. I have purchased a very mature and worn down Yamaha XT350 (1997) for daily commute to university everyday and my intention is to somewhat convert it into something cool to use as a daily - I am struggling to afford the diesel in my truck as a student.


Okay so with all that being said, let me mention what my intentions are:


1) I would like to cut the frame and modify it into a street tracker or beat configuration. Main goal is to not have permanent welds but kind of a modular system? Something like this. IMG_8065.JPG


2) I would definitely like to replace the air box for aesthetic appeal. The idea is to put cone filters and dust covers and keep them well oiled. I have heard that the twin carb operates on a vacuum system so does this automatically imply rejetting? Or is the air screw adjustment going to suffice.


3) The headlamp, indicators and tail light are absolutely rubbish. I suppose I would like to go for led replacements but I am unaware if it is possible being a generator running the circuit? What would be the best option for this ?


4) The chain is quite shoddy and I suppose replacing it would be a good start for the project. Any options on configurations of this with the rear sprocket?


5) I am planning on opening up the motor to give it a good clean! Now for a finishing touch I intend to repaint the block to restore it somewhat. This is what it currently looks like (please bare in mind I purchased the bike from a farmers son who used it for daily commute)




I have got a lot more stuff I would like to do but the basics are required to at least have some kind of vehicle to traverse to varsity with next year. Please post some constructive comments especially if you have owned or taken on a task with a XT350 in the past or if you have some general knowledge to pass onto a young eager mind!


Thank you in advance







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