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Clake Pro Lever onto my ktm exc-f 250 with a Rekluse radiusCX

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I am installing the Clake Pro Lever onto my ktm exc-f 250 with a Rekluse radiusCX.
With the adjustable screw of the adjustable salve cylinder in the starting point where the throw-out begins to lift the pressure plate, I bleed the whole system, and Clake works and feels right.

Then after, I have to turn the adjuster screw clockwise 1 full turn + 2 tick marks from the starting point in order to get a proper free play gain which Rekluse system ask for, but I found out that the Clake clutch lever now has difficulty to return to its position after pulled, seems like there is a drag force from the adjustable slave cylinder. When I turn the adjuster screw counter-clockwise back to the starting point, all the symptoms gone. 

What should I do now? Can I leave the adjuster screw in the starting point and add some shims on top of throw-out to increase installed gap without touching adjuster screw? some advice please

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