Fuel Additives

Are fuel additives like octane boost or that Klotz nitro stuff any good?

From everything I have read... don't waste your money. I have had some success with a 50/50 mix of 93 pump and 110 race gas. Running straight race gas you will have to re-jet.The mix seems to give a little better throttle response and eliminate the popping on de-cel. :)

Where do you get 93 pump gas. I live in Phoenix and the best I have found is 92 but most are 91.

Any suggestions?

in michigan :)

States in the West dont usually get 94 octane because of the oxygen level they dont really need it. Your regular gas is 85? right? Here in Michigan its 87. Then the premium is 94.

Most stations I have seen are 87 for standard, 89 for the mid grade and 91 for the premium. When I am in Michigan the Sept. I would pick some 94 up but I doubt they will let me bring it back on the plane.

About that Klotz nitro. Its nitro propane. Nitro propane is an oxygen bearing fuel. Very much the same as Nitrous oxcide, the same principal at work. If you run that Klotz Nitro, you must jet way the hell up, because it causes a lean condition. I can explain it if you like, but its gonna be really long. Also, if you run that stuff (nitro propane) and you get into a detonation situation, which is really easy to do on that stuff, I can almost gaurantee you'll need at least a piston, possible a rod, and possibly crank bearings. When that stuff detonates, it goes off hard, and takes parts with it. But lots of people run it, especially at high altitude (read Mammoth Mountain MX). At really high altitudes, you can run the NitroPropane and not have to rejet, and not loose any horsepower either.

If you can get PJ1 octane booster that has Tolulene in it, its good stuff. Problem is, tolulene is the stuff the meth heads use to boil up the crystalmeth! So its gotten really hard to find.

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