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Akrapovic front pipe?

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Good morning, 

My ride is a 17 model 500excf and I have already bought the Akrapovic tail pipe for it. If I want the front pipe, I have to buy the complete front and tail pipe again so I want to ask if it is possible that a front pipe for a 450 sxf would fit? Or possibly if anyone has been able to retro fit another front pipe to the 450 or 500 excf? Thanks for your help.

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Akro headpipe from SXF will not fit EXCs as it doesn't clear the kick start section of the cases.  Stock and FMF are the same scenario.

FMF does make one, they just don't sell it to the general public. Taylor Robert's NHHA 450 XCF race bike has EXC cases with the kickstarter and a titanium Megabomb headpipe to mate to the ti/carbon 4.1 muffler.

You could probably get it to fit a 2017 with a big hammer, but that would be a shame...

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