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Bike rebuild, recommendation for serious riders.

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Hi guys,

I just hit 30 hrs on my '16, and wanted to refresh the bike. While I was at it, I was looking for more out of the engine. I'm a fast 45+ intermediate, in very good shape. I can usually best my 450 lap times on my 250. I have been crunched for work space to service my bikes myself, and also hard up on time, as I am a single father, so I decided to treat myself and send my spare, unused '15 engine out to Bundy Built in NC while I went through the rest of the bike. I've always wanted a massaged engine from a reputable shop. So, engine came back and bike is all set, and I am excited with the results thus far. I've only done some break in rides, but will post full ride report of stock v. mod in the coming weeks. Hope to ride twice next week if weather cooperates. Below is a before photo &  2 after. 

Note: The '16 engine I pulled to put in this 0 hour '15 moded engine will be getting a full rebuild, including a 270 kit, for another RMZ. I can then compare the moded stock displacement engine against the big bore.


Custom JE high comp piston

Carillo rod

Bundy flow head work

Hot Cams stage 2 Intake & Exhaust cams

Yosh slip on

RM 2 stroke air filter cage

Dropped 1 tooth on rear sprocket to account for new engine.




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Bike is now broken in after a few heat cycles and 5 motos. I made the mistake of trying the rich coupler thinking that the head work would already have me flowing a ton of air. Bike can now move a one tooth smaller rear sprocket, and carries strong through the mid, but definitely needs the lean coupler to clean up response off the bottom



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