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Lost trails ,Pa or Alvin's offroad Park

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I've been to both.  


Alvins is small and not technical.  Look at it on google maps.  What you see from the satellite image is what there is.  There are no real "trails". Its just a small open square pretty much with an oval track and another small "track" with 2 single jumps.  Great for young ones to learn how to ride.  You can cover the entire place in less than 20 minutes. Again, great for young ones learning.  You can sit in one place and watch them and almost never lose sight.


Lost trails is more of a place to go and explore on wood trails.  Some can be  moderately technical, but my then 9yo rode a crf50 through almost all of it.  They have more technicle single track as well if you're interested.  The tunnel was a lot of fun and I would reccommend going through it.


If you want to sit in the back of your truck and watch him ride, Alvins is the place.  If you want to go explore and have the chance to be challenged if you want, Lost Trails is better.


Hope this helped!

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