YZ450F Transmission problems

Has anyone else had any Transmission problems out of these. Mine is popping in and out of 3rd and 4th under load. But it shifts in to the grear just fine. I busted it down to the cases and one of my shift forks is eat up. I don't understand the grears don't look rounded enough to push out of gear. But then again I am used to working on cars. is there something I am missing. could it be the shifting mech. or the shifting drum, or the forks in a bind?? :)

A friend of mine said the problem came from landing on the shifter, off a jump.

Bent shift forks are the result of putting too much force on the shift lever either due to a crash or like your friend said, landing on the shift lever after a jump or standing on it. Regardless of how it got that way, it's bent because too much pressure was applied to it...

So what all should I replace??

Check all shift forks for damage. Also, look closely at the shift drum. If there is any wear, chiping at the corners etc. where the forks ride, replace it. Lastly, check all the gear dogs and replace any gears that show signs of wear.

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