I just rigged the power kit on and my bike runs like crap!

I need some help. I have a 00 BRP and I just decided to do the "uncorking" if you will. I replaced my main jet with a 172 and I put the 68s in and the new needle and seat that comes with it. I installed the new rubber manifold also, I have a supertrapp with 10 disks on it. I live in Salt Lake City Utah (about 4400ft)I think its running rich but I don’t know? it starts easy but it cuts out at high RPMs. It kind of sputters up high. My friend has the same bike and his rips. His is uncorked also but I don’t know what he has in the carb he didnt put it in. :)

Any help would be great!!


Did you take the two block offs out of the air box? They allow the new jetting to breath. Was the muffler set up the way it is now before you power kitted it. You may need to open the muffler up also. The engine must breath or it will be rich. Also, what do you mean it sputters at high rpms? You do know the bike has a rev limiter in it and if you hit its max rpm and don't shift, it will sputter and cut out.

Thanks for the fast response. I have removed the plugs in the airbox and my pipe is a peice of hud old supertrapp. Its black and about 3in around. It came with it when I bought it. When I say sputters it just cuts out on the way up to the top of the rpms. its like it has hickups in the power. I also have my new neddle on the 4th setting no tthe 3rd. There are conflicting reports out there.

There are no conflicting reports to my knowledge as to the needle. The stock needle needs to be in the 4th clip position to somewhat equate to the richer taper of the race comp. B53 needle. The B53 needle needs to be in the 3rd position. Furthermore your up there in elevation, I'd start with a 170 main, and maybe stay stock on the pilot depending on temperature. Switch to the 68s at 55 degrees and lower and the 65s when it's warmer. Don't forget to adjust your fuel screw to about 1 1/2 to 2 turns out from seated. Also do you have an aftermarket air filter? The power-up kit works best with a new uni, IMO.

I'm high desert, 4700' starting elevation,temps are 70-80.

I have opened up the side panel, 168 Main, B53 in third, 68s pilot, Fuel screw stock. BRP starts easy and runs great.

This is without using a choke because I removed it.

Make sure that you remove the snorkel from the top of the airbox and the other rubber boot that's located

above the airfilter.

Thanks I will go change my needle to the 3rd and make sure Im 2 turns out. Thanks for your help

I too would think a 172 would be too rich for your elevation unless you're mostly riding in figid weather conditions. The needle clip position will probably help a bit, I think you won't be happy until you go to a smaller main jet. I'd try a 168 main jet and also a 165 to see which works best.

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