Pro Moto Billet

I just installed my pro moto billet endcap with the spark arrestor and quiet core options and just wanted to share that it is a well made and very functional part. I can appease the sound nazis and keep from burning the forests down or I can go moto the exact same way I could with the stock exhaust by taking 5 minutes to change it. It looks great too. I am sure that an aftermarket pipe would be nice and add a little ooomph, but for $160 you cannot beat this setup.

If anyone is considering it, I can say that it is well worth the money and also very easy to install.

I have to agree. I installed mine today and 20min later I was done. Sound is much more friendly. I have heard the fmf Q on a DRZ and this is very similar, if louder, only a little with the quiet insert. Takes the snarl out of the exaust note. 2 min to switch from quiet to full flow stock. Takes a bit off the top and fills out the bottom a little. Well made.


Hmmm... Anyone want a slightly used (very loud) WB E-series, so I can get one of the pro-moto units? :)

Glen T

I'm sorry did you say $160-FOR A FREAKING END CAP?

You do know you can buy a slip-on for that... right?

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