2000 YZ426F what does it have?

I am going to go look at a couple of 2000 YZ426F's and i want to know what they come standard with,such as wheels and vavles,and engine problems,defects,anything that i should look for as a warning sign.Do they come with excel wheels like the new ones,do they have titanum vavles,i just kind of want a run threw of what the bike was stock.Thank you,

The 00 has steel valves and Excel rims stock. The only major problems I've heard of on the 00 are with the clutch- some people have had probs with the baskets exploding and demolishing the bottom end. Many people have gone to Hinson or PE clutch components to solve this- a guy at the dealer told me to remove the stock basket, drill the remaining holes out one size bigger, and add an additional hole to every other finger to allow more oil to flow into the basket. Also- a lot of guys (including me) have done the BK mod to the carb to get rid of the bog when you whack the throttle wide open from an idle, and a lot have also done the blue wire mod to help plug fouling probs. I've never had problems with my plug and have yet found need for the blue wire. Do a search on "bk mod", "blue wire mod" you will find info on those topics. You can also check them out on motoman393's web site. Motoman393's web site Almost anyone on this forum would be glad to give you more advice on the clutch issue.

Yes on the excel wheels.

No on the titabium valves.

Yes on the crappy stock clutch.

Yes on the off idle stumble in the carburetor.

The 2000 426 is not a bad bike, its just that the 01 or newer is so much better and they do not cost that much more. I would look at an 01 or 02.

Good luck.

The 00 doesnt seem to have the potential plug fouling issues. I think they changed the ignition map and basically dropped the ball there. A mere mortal wont notice the Titanium valves. And the BK mod will only cost you about 2 bucks to do. The clutch is an issue of concern. If you ride 00 and the clutch feels snatchy, offer the guy 300 bucks less for the bike if the rest is good and prepare yourself for a Hinson basket, and while you have it apart, get the Hinson inner hub too. The inner hub has a steel insert that carries the spline. That insert came loose on mine and while I caught it prior to total destruction, it was a scary deal to think of what COULD

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the 2000 model also have problems with the rear hub breaking.

If it has the original rear hub keep the chain on the loose side of the spec.

yes they did, along with some rear brake problems of some sort :)

my friend on his '00 has cracked his tank and blown a few clutch plates from landing from jumps. his clutch is also REALLY grabby, its either on or off for that thing. he has also had his transmission stick in 3rd, i dont remember what exactly the problem was but it wouldnt come out of gear

First year 2000 had exploding clutches and hub issues. The later year or half year production 2000's have been fixed.

I do not recal on how to determine if the 2000 you are looking at are pre 2000 or post 2000 built.

I would assume that bikes bought new after july 2000 were post production and had fixes.

My 00 was purchased new in Aug of 00. I have had zero problems with it so far knock on wood.

Excel Rims

Clutch is grabby, I dont mind

Did do the Bkmod for the Bog of bottom

All in all I have a great bike I am very pleased with it and have never looked back.

Seat is a real pain on the Hemi;s though :)

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About the hub issue- I just checked my sprocket bolts last week for the first time, and they were not at all loose. I think the broken hubs are resulting from people overtightening the chain. My 00 has been an excellent bike- I have no gripes about it whatsoever. I also agree with ShawnMC, no mortal is going to notice the difference between steel and titanium valves. Take a few for a spin, if you like em, get one!

You can do a search on the hub issue and if I remember right we decided here as a group that the chain slack value in the manual made it too tight, thus causing stress on the rear hub. Most of the guys who lost their hubs seemed to agree. Also the story about the last half production year thing is a wives tale, Yamaha makes all their model year bikes in a few days. The clutch is the biggest flaw in my opinion, mine is still stock and like someone said earlier, it is either on or off until it is well warmed up (that's a killer for a dead engine start race too). Some have said that the Hinson does not fix this either. There was a fix using '01 model year parts floating around here once, I haven't tried it but I plan to as soon as I get a few other projects finished.

mine were loose when I got the bike

Since then I have welded the sproket to the hub :D

New squir :) of Lock T :D ight and they goooood and tight now

The 426, regardless of the year, also experiences excessive chain glider wear on top of the swingarm. The chain can actually wear through the glider pretty quickly and start wearing a groove into your expensive swingarm. Change that glider pretty often...say once a year.

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