problems installing z-start

I seem to be having some difficulty getting the correct installed gap of 35-45 thou. When I measure the gap appears to be correct but the clutch slips badly. I took the cover off and the installed gap changed which explained the slip. Before you ask I did use the two feeler gauges as per the instructions. The other thing I noticed was the spring tension on the external adjuster slacked off after the test ride. It would appear to me that something is hanging up during the installation. Any ideas?

This is a question for David Dialogue. He will be answering this very soon. I have heard of the need for adjusting and set up a couple of times before it holds clearances. Dont worry help is on the way. :)

Willy, that's a hard question to answer without being there to observe your installation. Numerous things could be incorrect.

Are you saying that you have corrected the installed gap, and you're still getting slip?

Here is a link to a thread in the YZF forum, that could be pertinent to you. The issue is that the throw-out mechanism doesn't allow the clutch to fully engage, resulting in slip, and in some cases, damaged clutch covers and burned out clutch-packs. I recommend you read it.

one thing i noticed when i did my install was that the picture shows the stock cable bracket moved back behind the locating pin but there is nothing in the instructions saying to do so. i called. yes, you must move the bracket as shown. also, when the motor is off the actuating arm will almost hit the starter before you feel any contact. that's normal. when the motor is running and in gear, you'll see it move as you give some throttle and feel the clutch start to engage.

Did you remove the spring(2 big round flat doodads, sorry, I can't remember what they are called) from under the clutch pack? :)

Also, make sure your throw out and/or top plate are not hitting the inside of the clutch cover.

If you are using the perch adjuster, I've read where someones clutch cable was sticking, causing slipping.

Finally sorted out all the issues. The main problem was my error in measuring the installed gap but the positioning of the lower clutch cable bracket was also a big help.

Thanks :)

Willy Fitz

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