All my spoke nipples are frozen! Don't the a-holes at yamaha know that non-similar threaded metals like steel and aluminum are not a good combo! Just forked ot another $60 on the money pit for ss spokes and nipples. Thay may have saved a tiny bit of weight but some thing are NOT worth the savings.


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galvanic corrosion

Isn't it the oxidization of the aluminum that creates this problem??

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Hey Mike, you know sometimes they use lockTite tread lock compound on those things, I know I do. The steel and aluminum combo is notorious for seazing though. the fact that the spoke is so long and tends to absorb the torque of your driver makes the problme worse. I like to grab the spoke with a vise grip right up by the nipple, give it a bit of pressure in the loosen direction, and hit the screw with an Ipact screw driver after soaking it down with liquid wrench. If you dont have an impact drive its like a metal screw driver with a wedge cam that you hold with one hand and wack with a 10lb small sledge hamer, it turns and presses down when you hit it. I never go near a cheap soft crank case screw with out one so you dont wipe the head out. Sears Craftsman sells em for like 25 bucks but you have to argue with the clerk and tell him you dont want an Air tool when you ask for an ipact driver :)

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I will be removing all the spokes and replacing them with satinless spokes and stainless aloy nipples. The stock spokes can't take the pounding the gets dished out on the trails here in NH. Stainless will stretch less and shouldn't seize.

In that case just cut the old ones off. Do you have those little colored plastic beads you can put on bikes, that would look wild at 50Mph :). Hey, have you ever respoked a rim before? Its a pain! Bicycles are worse though. Good luck. Hey I recall seeing solid aluminum rims from Duvol a few years back, they were quite the wind sails but were supposed to be lighter and stronger than spokes.

I just trued the rim so if I replace 1 spoke at a time, I should be ok. The spokes I am getting are from buchanan but nothing fancy. Stainles with stainless nipples. There is nothing fancy about my WR so why start now.

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