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so after looking at ebay,amazon,rockymountain and reading on TT I invested in a pair of GPI radiators for my 14 ktm300 xcw after taking a spill at rimrock gp and caving in my right hand side radiator

the fit and finish seem good, welds look decent, hoses lined up and clamped on easily, it is over sized resulting in more then 20oz fluid(engine ice) being required,

my only concern is that after filling and burping the system I ran the bike to check for leaks drips or weeps, got the bike plenty warm and found zero issues, however when I removed the cap to check level there was a slightly green slimey residue around the neck and top inside of the radiator, like between slime and foam, engine ice being blue I felt this was odd so I flushed the system via the drain hole at the water pump and refilled with more engine ice after cleaning as much of the foamy/almost slimey stuff out of the radiator, capped it off and ran the bike again.

let it cool and removed the cap, this time there was not as much but still a residue floating on top of the coolant looking like green/white mucus or snot......

so I am at a loss, is this some sort of material left over from the manufacturing process? is this something I should be concerned about?

the old coolant was also blue engine ice and came out relatively clean with no obvious snot included, at this point it appears to be only near the bung hole,

thoughts or questions from TT would be fantastic

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You should always clean radiators before adding Engine ice. Fill cooling system with 50 percent distilled water and 50 percent vinegar and run the bike for a bit.
New Engine Ice foams for a bit. It's normal.

I am guessing new radiators probably are quoted with an oil.

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