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KXF 250 13 Gearing?

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Hi All,

The first year riding dirtbikes this year.

I've started to now get the hang of things and i'm now laying down some speed on the track. The local tracks i ride are relatively tight with lots of turns.

I currently run a 48T rear sprocket and it feels like it lacks bottom end power. I'm not sure whether it's my gear (2nd/3rd depending) selection or not.

Do you think if i changed to say a 51T sprocket may improve that bottom end punch?

Thanks in advance

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It would improve acceleration out of corners (pending you are getting good traction)

but make you run out of gear sooner and require an upshift (sometimes at the worst moment like just before a jump)


Going from 48 to a 51 is a somewhat drastic change, try a 49 first.  (may also fit the stock chain length)


I ride a YZ125 on tight tracks, 13/48 is the stock gears but ran a 49 to get out of corners better during the first few seasons.

Once my cornering skills and speeds improved, as mentioned above it required upshifting at the worst moments.

Went back to a 48 and now just slip the clutch a little longer when I need a bit of extra grunt out of tight spots.

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I run a 13/50. It has a lot of pop down low but, when I hit an open road or something I cannot go fast at all

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