Alpinestar TECH 8's

Hey guyz....its time for some new boots this year....right now i have old MSR System 6 boots and love them because of how broken in they are and unrestrictive....about the tech 8's....i tried some on and they feel really stiff and wide to me...if i do end up getting them, i should soak them in warm water right? then il just walk my dog with them on for a few weeks....i want a boot that breaks in like my MSR's did with very little ankle support.....i can move my foot left and right and shift with my ankle 100%....anyone whos using them, how do they fit, i weat a size 10 1/2 to 11 shoe and my old boots are 10' you think 11 r ok? hows the brake feel, have to more the shifter? thanks for all the help! :)

The Tech 8s are stiff as hell and will not break in very much. I love them for the protection they give me and will wear nothing else.

Sounds like you want a pair of Nikes not riding boots??? :) Loose boots BAD!!!!!!!

I have to agree. I'm on my second pair of Tech 8's and I really like them but they are stiff. Don't expect them to loosen up with age because they don't. Great support and protection but if you prefer a flexible boot they are not for you.

sounds good to bout some NIKE RIDING BOOTS!!! anywayz what would you recomend? fox forma pros?

i wear tech-8s also and there stiff just how i like them.i had a pair of oneal element boots and they flexed alot.thats because they are mostly leather with no plastic on them.i cant stand them, but you will love them.

I felt the same way as you did when I bought my tech 8's. I hated them. Stiff. I could not feel the shifter or brake pedal. I wanted to sell them, but I did not.

I switched back to my old boots and saw the light. The old boots were soft, flexible, and confortable. They also did not protect as well as a pair of flip-flops.

Try them for at least three rides. I had to move my shifter up one notch. To make a long story short, I would not consider riding with another boot that was soft and flexible. What is the purpose of boots if they are not going to protect?

I have Alpinestars Vectors and love them but they are stiff also. Once you get use to stiff boots you will never go back you just feel safer. Maybe try a pair of your buddies on and see how you like them. Dont know what else to tell you. Good luck

I have a pair of Alpinestar Tech 6's. I didn't like the feel of the Tech 8's with the removable insert (but that's just me). The Tech 6's are really stiff, but if you walk the dog in the rain, they will definitely get nice and soft. That have all the hard plastic and leather protection too. I picked these because they offer the protection and can be made flexible by using the water trick.

As an upside, I think they are about $30 cheaper than the Tech 8's, but that wasn't a determining factor on my purchase. I wear a size 10-11 sneaker and dress shoe. I got a size 11 in the Tech 6; fits perfect. Alpinestar Web Page

Good luck :)

I love my Tech-8's. No special break in required, just put them on and moto. However if you want loose flexable boots, these are not the ones. Great protection, not very flexable. Very comfortable and secure feeling IMHO.

I wore Tech 8's for a season and hated them. They were never comfortable to me. My toes would go numb and just didn't like them. That is the thing with boots though everyones foot is different. You almost have to do the trial and error thing and try one until you find the one you like. Right now I am wearing the FLY 805's. Nice boot with a gel Heal Pad. Also Cheap, like 1/2 the price of Tech8s. But price is not a factor for me. I think $300 boots are better than 2 months off of work with a broken ankle or longer. The Fly boots were very comfortable to me and still stiff enough for good support. I also tried Garne and Fox Forma's. I do not care for the buckle system on these (FLY) boots though. But they have not failed me yet. I really liked alpinestars buckle system. Anyways try a pair you like and if you decide they are not what you want sell on here or Ebay take a little hit and try another pair. I think besides a good helmet that Boots would be my #2 most important investment. I won't ride without them. Good Luck.

I got a new pair of tech 8's off ebay for around $150. I love these boots. I use to have an old pair of AXO boots back in the day. They were flexibile put protective. These tech 8's may be stiff, put like it someone else said, I'd rather have it stiff then a broken foot/ankle.

what size shoe r u all and what size tech8s you wear..... i tried them once but didnt like the bootie very much.....i dont know, maybe if i walk enough in em thell loosen up and maybe be more comfortable.....gotta try bout the foxes, and gaerne? any less stiff/easy to break in? thank again guyz! :)

I had the Top Gaerne's (cant think of the name)and they are much more flexable then the Alpinestars you may like them more. The soles are weaker on the Gaerne (less support) then the Alpinestars. I could tell a big difference on landing from a jump.

I Had an Oneal boot before I bought the Tech 8 and the tech 8 felt really big and It was near impossible to ride in them at first but they broke in and they seem too big for me I am going to try a size 10 next time I have an 11 foot and an 11 boot but they feel really big on me who knows.

I like the level of protection they provide that is why I tolerate them but there is room for improvement.

Gaerne SG-1's.....i might give them a try...anyone else?

Personally, I like the Sidi Force boot. Felt like it was broken in the first ride and bomb proof. I also use Sidi mountain bike and road bike shoes. They last forever. Current set are three years old and still in "as new" condition.

i personally have a set of the alpinestar vectors and i love them to death.they have excellent ankle protection plus the sole is super thick(doesnt hurt as much when casing the jumps :)).i had mine for 2 years now and the sole isnt all chewed up either,unlike my tech 6's that lasted about a season before the sole was trashed.

I've got a poair of Size 11 Fox Forma Pro's. By far the best boot I've ever had and had them for nearly a year now. They were voted the best boot of '03 and are great all round boots. They break in almost immediately, are extremely comfortable and have as much protection as any other top line boot. WELL RECOMMENDED

Nothin beats the TECH 8's they are the best boots especially for my size 14. I have set my foot down a couple times and had some bad crashes, but I know for sure if I had any other boot on I would have enough money in doctor bills to buy a car. I have a full year of riding on these Tech 8's and only changed the sole thats 40 races and 60 practices. Even if these boots were $500 I would buy them over anything else, because your paying for insurance. :)

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