tying bikes down

I tie my bikes down in the back of my truck all the time with no problem. I use tie downs and compress the front forks until good and tight.

Now someone told me I am ruing my suspension by doing this??? What are your guys thoughts?

I've done mine like this for years with no apparent problems.


Ditti Years and years without the cost of buying the fork brace or whatever gimmik they call it.

Your forks take more abuse riding, then the do in the back of a pickup. Think about that one, those fork saver braces are a BULLSH&*^*& gimmik, rest my case RC uses one so its gotta be mine.....

Stop EGO just Stop it

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Ya know. Ive never used one of those fork brace gizmo's. I have been tying bikes in the back of my truck for years. But Recently I have been blowing a lot of seals.

Ya say that your forks take a lot more abuse on the track. Yes they do but there is only presure on them for a second or two at a time. When in your truck they have pressure on them for a few hours sometimes.

There might be something there after all. Maybe those brace's would help my leaking forks seals. I dont know. wouldn't hurt to find out though.

It's not good for the springs, technically, to keep them compressed.

My $1 solution is to cut a length of 2x4 about 1" shorter than the distance between the wheel and the fender with the forks fully extended. Then before you tighten the tie downs just slip the board in there. Nice and tight and no stress on the forks. :)


Beg to differ here, When you are riding the forks are under constant pressure and it builds due to heat and air compression, oil expansion and the rest. Placing the bike in the back of the truck is far less obtrusive to the forks then a day of riding, for that matter a few hours of riding.

If fork seals a blowing becouse of being strapped down, then the seals were bad to begin with. In the 25+ years I have riden I have never seen nor exprieanced a blown seal due to strapping them into a truck.

Also note, one does not have to compress the forks to there limit to properly secure the bike.... Maybe lessons in proper tie down is in order :D


Not So? Maybe if you keep them compressed for years. Thats what springs do the bounce back ? :)

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I once left my bike in the back of my truck tied down overnight. The next morning I noticed my seals had blown. Someone had given me one of those Fork Support Seal Savers and I wasn't using it. I use it all the time now and it works great; no blown seals as of yet. As an added bonus, it keeps the bike stable in transport. My friends bike nearly fell off his trailer when he hit a bump and the forks compressed; tie down came lose. You can make one out of a piece of 2x4. Works great for my friend. If your traveling short distances, it probably won't make to much of a difference, but if you plan on traveling long distances, I think it helps.

All I know is in the last year and a half Ive replaced 3 sets of seals, its getting a little old. Ive ridden yz 250's before this and never blew a seal. Its a mistery. That damn fork oil is expensive.

Same thing happened to me... i got the bike nice and secure in the truck with tie down straps. Next thing i knew, we hit a pothole. I looked back and the bike was completely loose, wobbling back and forth.

If you dont tighten the forks down that much, then i agree with Ego. But, if you find that you need to really tighten them down to keep the bike in the truck, i dont agree.

If you tighten them over halfway through the fork's stroke, then that is like hitting a never-ending jump, never giving the forks any chance to relieve some of that pressure. In that case... a 2x4 works great. Or just spend the $10 and buy a fork saver... they fit much better than a 2x4. Either way works great though.

just my 2 cents :)

Good lord, listen to yourselves! Is there any common sense left in the world. Springs can sack, but it takes a really long time. A bike that tied in the truck without being pulled down far enough WILL come loose if you go over a bump big enough to squish the suspension on the bike beyond the preload caused by the tiedown.

I agree with EGO about loosing seals because of tiedown time, but, Kayabas are notorius for blowing seals anyway. If you bleed off the pressure on your fork after you tie it down, this shouldnt be a problem. Personally, I dont leave my bike sinched down all the way overnight. I'll snug it up when Im ready to go. I used to use a 2x4 but it proved to be more of a pain in the ass than it was worth to me.

My best solution is to leave the bike loose over night if you leave it in your truck, then snug it before you go. If you must leave your bike sinched down for days at a time, bleed the fork pressure off with the scrhader valve. "But what about when you take it out of the truck, isnt there a vaccum in the forks?" Yes, push the valve again Bozo.

Where can I find those fork saver thing a mijigs? I think $10 is cheap insurance to protect your forks. On a side note, I store my bikes with them sitting on their own weight. Should I be putting them up on stands to take all the weight off of the suspension?

I make the 3-4 hour trip out to my favorite riding area on the average of 28 times a year for the last 3 years with this bike. I still have the original seals on the bike and I use ratchet straps to make sure the bike is good and secure. I really don't think that the blown fork seals are caused by not using a fork saver but I can't see the harm in using one. At 10 bucks, it's just cheap insurance. Not really worth my time but if I ever start blowing seals, you can be sure I'll start using one.

I use bike shoes by ATK. You can buy from Donaldsons for 60$. I have them mounted on my trailer. I got tired of tie downs & blown seals. Been using them for yrs. They are the ticket for transporting bikes

This is a little off topic, but I am on my original set of fork seals on my '00 426. I clean the lower fork legs with contact/brake parts cleaner after I wash the bike. Also, every few weeks, I remove the dust seals and clean them as well as the area under the seal. I put white lithium based grease inside the dust cover before I reinstall it. So far, so good and it's better than having to constantly change the fork seals.

vegas pc racing makes a fork saver thing your looking for make sure you buy ancra tie downs

they wont come loose like other ones do

I use bike shoes by ATK also they are great. no getting tangled up in straps going every which way and so easy to lock bike down in. just pull in & pull lever up and your done bike is ready for transport. i have them in a enclosed trailer its the ticket. ian :)

I bought one of those fork savers and I am not sure I like it. I have had it fall out after some small bumps at slow speed. Hell I didn't even make it out of my neighborhood once. And yes I did tighten the straps down as hard as I could. I am currently not using it. I may try it again for a long trip but if it falls loose again it is toast. I haven't blown a seal or had my bike come loose ever without the saver.


Just make a fork support out of a 2x4 and cut one end with a bandsaw/jigsaw to "cup" the front wheel. I have made about 10 of these and have them lying all over my garage so I dont have to look for one when I goto load up my bike or a friends bike LOL! Later,


I like the 4x4 with a little wittling it fits perfectly in the 4 bolt pattern for the fender! :)

I dont have one ANYMORE because i lost it somewhere but my buddy uses it and it works great!

Shawn Me and You Bud !

Ok so what about the tire, ya squish it real flat using a 2x4. and talk about the possible splinters and flats you will get if a nail is in the 2x4.

I have no issues if you want to waist ten bucks to I hear 60 bucks on a useless peiec of garbage.

Shawn points out real clear, Sinch it tight while driving, Loosen up while parked.

Sinch = Drive

Loose = park

Sinch = Drive

Loose = Park

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