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Air box & ground cable mod

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So yesterday my battery on my bike went dead and I am having to replace it. While the battery is out I started noticing that the seat sits on top of the short stock ground cable ktm installs on these bikes from the factory, bike is a 2017 450 sxf factory edition by the way. Not only does the seat sit on the uncoated cable but it also ruins it which could lead to a poor connection.  I found a solution to the problem and all it takes is a longer ground wire about 10" in length and some zip ties and a razor knife. I took the right side rear number plate off and ran the cable from the stock grounding point under the seat on the rear fender down the frame and attached it with zip ties. You do have to do some trimming on the battery box between the small 6mm bolt that attaches it to the subframe and the side of the rear fender. I also drilled some holes with a 1/2" speed bore bit in the side of the air box beside the shock to give the bike more air flow. You cant see the holes with the number plate back on but it makes a difference getting air to the intake. 






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