Front brake lever shocking me?

I ride out in the dry wastelands of New Mexico and frequently get shocked by the front brake lever. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. I assume it's static but from where I don't know. It's not a big deal, but if there's a way to fix it I would like to know. The less distractions the better.

To better describe the problem, I don't always ride with a finger touching the brake lever. On occasion, the back of one of my fingers will bump the back side of the brake lever resulting in a small shock (at first I thought I get hit with a little stone). The entire brake system is stock except the fluid which I changed 3-4 months ago. I've used 2 different sets of grips recently and it's happened with both pair.

Are you sure you dont have your kill button wired to the front brake.


are you a sadistic SOB and decided to wire you kill button to the front brake


Your under therapy and your Dr wired the kill button to the front brake to stop you from using it..


Sounds like there is a short some where on the bike. Remove the Kill Button and chk, (Remove means Unplug from Harness Temp) if still getting shocked then check the entire wireharnes for anything that may look warn or is rubbing on the frame.

Whats odd is you get shocked even though you have rubber hand grips... Your gounded wrong some were

It sounds like a lack of ground to me. You should be wearing gloves when you ride anyway, didn't your mother tell you to wear your gear??? :):D

Believe it or not, its static electricity. My CR500 does the exact same thing in the dunes at glamis. The wierdest part is, it doesnt blast me unless im in the roost of somebody at high speed. I made a ground strap for my body. Go to an electronics shop and ask them for an ESD (electro static discharge) wrist strap, and then ground it to your bars, and you'll stop getting shocked.

Too funny, everybody thought I was nuts with my strap! Your the only other person Ive ever heard of that has experienced this besides myself.

Are these wastelands of NewMexico near ROSWELL? :)

Bingo "Mulder"

Ya you know the truth is out there

DoDoDo do Diiiiiii


Or move to Ohio and ride in the mud with us. We never build up static here!


If you CRASH more often then the electricity will discharge thru your helmet or your shoulder to the ground giving your right hand a break from the voltage!!! :)

I find myself doing a SUPERMAN once in a while over a lunker in the ground or a tree stump. My boot tip seems to discharge the elec. as a static port kinda like on an aircraft! :D

works for ME! :D

hehe, thanks for all the replies. I'll double check the kill switch stuff mentioned just to be sure. BTW, I do wear gloves. I thought it was odd too with the rubber grips.

Am I short sighted or what? Why wouldn't there also be a shock from the clutch lever as well?

You get shocked not from the bike, but to the bike. The BIKE, is the ground, not your body. Your picking static electricty from the dry air and dust in the air. The combination of your cotton and nylon riding gear, your a freakin dynamo.

But ya, ya get shocked off the clutch lever,the throttle housing, the pipe through your pants, the brake lever, I even got shocked off the wire on my grips, when the grips were thin, and my gloves had seen better days. Its wierd. I bought a new stator, ignition, re-grounded the coil, checked the coil for resistance and leakage, I mean I did everything, looking for an electrical problem with the bike.

I gounded my body to the bike, no more shocking. You need a 1mega ohm resistor inline with your ground wire to bleed off the charge to the bike, they usually are in the ground strap I was talking about.

I sound like freakin Fox Mulder over here, but I know of what I speak.

I thnk I figured this whole thing out,,,,


I bet he is running around in socks, in his living room and around the house with a set of handle bars in his hand going vroooooommmmmm braaaaaaaaaaaBBBBB Braaaaaaaaaaaaaa eeeeeeeeeerrrrrrccccccccc and when he gets enoough laps in he reaches for a beer and the moister on the beer can is giving the conductive stati discharge.

No isnt that the truth bb, Come on Fess up.....


Dangit Ego, you caught me!!

I guess if it's just me getting charged up and shocking the bike, I won't worry about it. I think the little strappy thingy would bother me more than the occasional zap.

Thanks for all the help, you guys are awesome. I think we should put together a stump the experts thread on here. Seems you guys have an idea no matter what the problem, it would be interesting to see if we could ever stump everyone with something new (although not likely on a bike that's 4 model years old).

What the heck is a "moister"? I think it might be an insult I used to hurl at my ex wife.

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