CYCLE PIT STOP new store in Orange County, CA

Cycle Pit Stop has been open for 7 days. It's not to far from where the old Racers Pit Stop use to be. I stopped in yesterday to check it out. The owners are really nice and very busy right now getting set up. They are a dirt bike, street bike, cruiser, and ATV accessory store. This shop will come in handy if you break something on your bike at Saddleback early in the day and need to make a quick 10 minute drive for that new lever, spark plug, or tire change. Stop in and say hi to the owners.

CYCLE PIT STOP phone # 714-744-4144

3404 E. Chapman Ave.

Orange, CA 92869

The cross street is Prospect. They are in the same center as Blockbuster Video on the left side of Chapman(if you were driving west down Chapman). Conveniently located 1/2 mile east of the 55 Fwy on Chapman.

I used to work for Rich and Betty, the owners of Racers Pit, way back in the day. Total flash back. Are the owners the same, or possibly Riches brother Neal? I thought Betty got the store when Rich and her split, but that was 20+ years ago, and well, there has been several concussions since then! Could be wrong about that!

Hey Robyne and Johnny, Joeyand Cortney here saying hi and good luck on the new store. For everyone reading this, go to the store... it is awesome! Well worth it... well stocked... so go check it out because I said so... Love, JoeBoss and girl... GO CITYWIDE AUOT CARE, best damn service I've receeived...



I think what happened was neal ran off with betty

rich was so upset he gave up on women altogether and joined a cult called MMLA ManMotorcycleLoveAssociation.

Last I heard he lives happily with his 71 Maico and three hodaka superrats :)

Sorry its Monday, One Cup of coffe and I am waiting for me buds to show up and go riding......

Ya were all members of MMLA

Ego, believe me, aint nobody in they're right mind gonna run off with betty.

Last I heard Rich did have a 71 Maico. It was funny you said that.

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