Blueing on top of crank.......Normal?

Is this a normal find? I am going through the trans and top end, should I replace the rod and bearings as well? 20040423154813_000_0202.JPG

blue colour is ABSOLUTYELY NORMAL.

I asked the same thing 2 years ago.

Thanks, I saw blue, and was singing the blues thinking that it must have burned up a bearing.


Second Kevin above. Brings back memories - I just completed a complete engine rebuild (top and bottom).

Where in SoCal are you? I'm in HB, and would be happy to lend a hand if you need it.

I'm out in the 909, Redlands. If I need a hand I will absolutely get in touch, it's my first 4 stroke rebuild, but seems straight forward.

Not sure what piston to go with, wiseco 95 mm or 97mm, 12.5:1 or 13.5:1. I need to decide soon though.

My 5th gear was skipping so it was time.

Call Eric Gorr (see He's a wealth of info and very approachable and patient with answering questions.

the blue is from the heat applied to the crank web during manufacturing where the crabkpin is pressed in. When I did my g/box I didnt do the rod/bearing, but that was due to a lack of $$$. Depends how many hrs the bike has done and how much $$ u want to spend. It's cheaper 2 do it now that it is after it's punched a hole in the cases :)


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