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Aftermarket headlight solutions? (2018 FE)

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Hi folks! I'm trying to find some aftermarket headlight solutions - preferably LED.

I had a heated discussion with a tree on the trail this weekend and shattered the lens and housing of my stocker. Not necessarily looking for a performance upgrade as I very rarely ride at night. I think I'd prefer less power usage so I don't kill the battery when I forget to switch the key off on the trail.


I think I recall seeing a post with someone who picked up a Harbor Freight/Princess Auto LED lamp and it fit perfectly in the existing headlight hole but I can't seem to find it or any other headlight posts on the forum.

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We offer two great drop-in, Headlight replacements for the 17-18 Husqvarna FE:


XL Pro, Husqvarna





XL80, Husqvarna





These are available in AC or DC for a variety of bikes.  Please feel free to email info@bajadesigns.com or call 800-422-5292 if you have questions!


Baja Designs


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