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EnduroCross season finish-Championship

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2018 EnduroCross season wrapped up last weekend in Boise Idaho. As promised a race/season report for Ty Cullins and his Beta 300RR. 

We ended the season with 3 races in a row. Denver, Everett Wa. which is just north of Seattle and Boise Idaho. 

I think I already talked about Denver where he put a good ride in for 6th. After Denver we drove home so I could work for 3 days before heading north to Washington. It was a crazy week with my Mom in the hospital, trying to get ready for the next race and on top of all that the transmission went out on my van Tuesday night! I called up Beta and they where awesome in letting us borrow a van! That really saved us, otherwise we would have had to drive Ty’s old F-250 with bikes in the back unsecured and in the rain. Beta really helped us out there. 

Evertt was a good technical track and Ty was excited to race it. Unfortunately in the first practice he was just way off. Not sure what the deal was, but 2nd practice he started riding like himself and ended up Qualifying 7th which is just fine. He finally had a drama free heat race. Got a good start and just brought it home in 3rd place. 

That gave him 7th gate pick for the main. With that he almost pulled the holeshot! Came out of the 2nd turn in 2nd. From there he quickly got passed by Cody and settled into 3rd for a few laps. At that point his pace wasn’t quick enough and the pack started to close in on him. A couple mistakes and he dropped to 7th. From there he got things together and picked it back up and worked his way back to 4th. He and Noah Kepple had a great battle until Noah messed up the Matrix. At the end he imageproxy.php?img=&key=b3312acf975e3c54was making time up on 3rd place and could see him in the same lane by the end. Ended up 4th and really happy with that! 

With that finish he was 6th in points. Just 2 behind Geoff Aaron in 5th and only 2 ahead of Noah Kepple in 7th so it was tight.   For the Junior Championship he opened that up to an 8 point gap over Cooper Abbott (Destry Abbott’s son). 




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Between Everett and Boise we stayed north. We have friends in Boise and also went down to Utah to do a little riding the week between. 

With the points like they where we knew Ty could easily be 5th or 7th after it was all said and done. The Junior championship was his to lose, just as long as he didn’t really screw up or have a bike issue it was his. That’s what was weighing on my mind, any kind of silly bike issue! I’m no professional mechanic, just a Dad helping his kid who has had bikes all his life and has worked on them.

We went over everything on the bike, changed out the chain since it had some rock dings, swapped out the front mousse because it was getting soft. I brought my tools so I could get all the dents out of his pipe. Then I worried about silly things like a throttle cable etc, etc.. I think I checked every nut and bolt on that bike about 5 times. 

The Boise track wasn’t super technical, except for the No Joke lane, it was really hard. Once again Ty sucked in the first practice. He came off the track annoyed and just sat quietly in the chair. After last weekend I didn’t worry about it and just left him alone. He once again cleaned things up in 2nd practice and qualified 7th. 

In the heat race it was all the Beta riders, Ty Tremaine, Max Gerston, Mason Ottersberg and Ty. Ty was 4th off the start and then moved into 3rd behind Colton and Tremaine by the end. A good race and once again drama free. 

That once again gave him 7th gate pick. For short start straight and tight 180 first turn that’s not a good pick at all. Well this time Ty did it, he pulled the holeshot on his 300RR 2t against all the 350 4t’s with better gate picks! He led through the first couple corners then totally blew the Matrix and had more problems in the wood pit. When they came around for the first lap he was all the way back in 9th! Wasted holeshot there🤦‍♂️   

He worked his way back up to 7th, but wasn’t looking super smooth. I gave him a pit board signal telling him “breath-relax” and next lap “push forward” from there his lap times dropped and he made a pass to get into 6th then closed in and passed Geoff Aaron for 5th. Once again he was closing in on 4th by about a second a lap and knew with Geoff still behind him he needed that for 5th I’m the championship. Time ran out though and he finished 5th on the night. Other than his first lap mistakes it was a really strong race! His fastest lap was on lap 9 so that was good to see. 

In the end he finished 6th in points, one point behind 5th. Half his races where top 5’s. Finishes where 5-10-8-6-4-5. Of course the best part is the AMA Junior Championship. His first #1 plate not on a trials bike. 

Definitely happy with the progress he made this season. It’s been a lot of work. Also happy with the bike we built. His 300RR worked great all season. When he can pull holeshots with the only motor mod being an RK-Tek head, Scalvini exhaust and tuning I did that’s saying something.  Also happy with the choice of going back to a 2t. I was a little nervous about that one. 






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Chris thanks for the awesome report and photos! Really good photos by the way! What a fun time following you guys (vicariously:applause:) online this year. You taking the time out of your busy life (I pray your mother is better) and missing work to keep a race bike on the track (going through the frame damage was tough) was a huge sacrifice, but you 2 are living the dream. I hope to see one of these in person next year since my life is settling down (after caring for and losing my mother in law) and watch the progression of Ty's career. That was really solid of Beta to help with a van in your (and their?) time of need. I know you'd never say it so I will, being the top (full time) Beta rider has to feel good even if not financially. I hope Beta comes back to the table if that is what is best for you two. If not, I would guess there would be other suitor's...

 I took the liberty of posting a link to your report over at Vital, I hope that's OK?

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Final round will be on TV tonight. Not sure how many people get the network. I know we don’t, but fortunately my younger son figured out how to watch it on the computer. 

Had to share the holeshot pic too. 




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