Riding in Phoenix

I have only been riding for about a year now aand don't know too many riding spots. I wondered if any local riders would be kind enough to share some of their spots. I mostly ride open desert and wash/hills like sycamore creek and four peaks. Any other suggestions?

There is a web site with a lot of Arizona specific riding info. Check out:


I think it could be of some help to you.

Good luck.

Try AZ Trail Talk. A great bunch of guys and gals riding every weekend (weekdays too).

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The "Towers" also called the "Corral" out near Bartlette Lake is nice. You can ride for miles in almost any direction and never run out of options.

What is your email. Maybe you can join us next time we ride out there..



there is ocottilo in casa grande, also they are building a new one in apache junction :)

Hey fellas!! Is there tracks close to Phoenix/Mesa area?? I know there has to be cool riding areas, but I'm curious about tracks too??

I might move there soon and need to ride!!

There are several tracks in the area and a new one in Mesa being built. Maybe 6 or more tracks total.


Go to GOMXRACING.COM for all the info on tracks you need - Also the New track on the east side will be opening soon. Its called ET Motopark

J-Bone, send me an e-mail when you are coming, we can hit the tracks and ride some trails.

Hope it will be this winter unless you don't mind getting up at 4am to go riding in 100 degree temps. :)


AZ918MAN, do you still want to hook up and ride the "baby F"? I will be moving out by you next month, bought a new house in Desert Hills.

Court, I changed my rear spring to a 5.0 so I have the 5.4 you gave me. If you want it or know someone who needs it let me know.

Ben, I went to SW today with the 5.0 on, bike worked great. Lot's of changes to the track made it fun. Wait till you see the new step up. :D

steffenr, I agree, the ATT guys might be just what your looking for. Also, check out the ATR club. here is the link

Awesome Bob,

I'm really liking my springs too. Brenda helped me tune it for the trails and it simply rocks.

I can't wait for ET to open, pictures and descriptions sound awesome.


ET motopark is awesome. I love it being 14 mile sfrom home. the main track needs whoops though.

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