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southcarolina Need advice planning my NC/SC trip!!

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I am planning a dirt bike trip with some friends in either Jan or Feb (schedules depending).  Just for reference we are coming from the Philadelphia area.  I am trying to come up with a trip agenda that includes some fun locations, while trying to cram everything into an extended weekend (Thurs-Mon).  I am also trying to keep the driving to a minimum thinking strategically as to the places we hit along the route.  I am hoping the locals can guide me on whether I have made good choices (or not).  If any of the locations I listed are a known waste of time, please let me know, and consequently, if I missed something along my route that is a hidden gem, please let me know.  I know the weather may be hit or miss, but we ride year round in the Philly area, so it will should at least be the same or better.

A couple of places that are a MUST (battery park and brushy mt).  Others i have chosen simply because they are along the route and break up the long drive.  We are hare scramble/enduro riders loving all things single/double track.

Day 1 (NCMP - NC)

Day 2 (Battery Park - SC)

Day 3 (GTR Complex - SC)

Day 4 (Brush Mt- NC)

Day 5 (Brushy Mt - NC)

Here is the route...


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Do you prefer more MX or gnarly single track type riding?

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