I need a dual sport!

Hey guys...I'm torn between a tried and true XR400, a KTM 450 EXC or the new Yamathumper wr450...What's your input? How much $$ does it take to get the WR quiet and up to snuff? I've been doing alot of research and I read that the WR is not so forgiving in the tight woods where I'll be doing much of my riding up in the pacific northwest. I know I cant go wrong with an obsolete XR 400, but it would be nice to have a more modern design. Everything I read about the katooms is awesome except for maintanence issues. It's also very easy to get street legal. WR's anyone?? Anyone in oregon get one street legal yet? Any input is invaluable!!


Oregon City :)

Just buy your KTM and be happy! :)

WR's are nice and quiet stock, even after adding the GYT-R insert, still quiet. I live in Washington, run a road plated WR426 and its great in the trails, but I do like KTM's too, in fact, my next ride will be either a KTM EXC 450 or 520.

I bought a 03 wr450, So far I have installed a Baja Designs dual sport kit and a liscense plate. I live in Eugene and have riden it up in the woods, for the style of riding that I do it is geared to high. I am going to drop the gearing down some so that I can get out of 1st gear at least 3 times a ride :) The DMV that I went to gave me the plate before I had any addons because the they didnt want to walk back out and look at the bike. So far I really like the bike, it is a lot of bike for riding in the tight woods. However I have not ridden on the sand or out in central oregon yet. :D

Drz400(s) :)

Drz400(s) :)

Pfffffft. *cough* KTM *cough*

See, ktms give you hairballs... they're baaad. :)

Hey D's,

I am in the same boat, tyring to decide between an XR400 and WR400/426. Would prefer to go WR450 but down here in the Peoples Republic of California they have these Red Sticker things. Gotta go 03 or older to ride where I like to ride when I like to ride. Would like to go KTM but my money tree in the backyard fell over in the last earthquake.

Seriously, I have been scratching my head over a WR or XR. I like the suspension and feel of the WR BUT I just can't get past the reliablity of the XR. I have an XR250 right now and besides a flat tire and oil changes I have not touched it with a wrench. Knock on wood. Have had it for 5 years. Somedays it's WR and somedays I think XR. Someone give me a coin to toss or some good advice!

I wonder when we'll get Yamaha's new fuel injected European XT660R in North America...

In Canada, we actually have Kawasaki's version of the DR-Z400S; KLX400SR.

I love my WR. I ride alot of tight trails to. The only things I've added are protection related. ie. Bark busters, A real skid plate, tool pouch, stronger handle bars, frame guards, radiator braces, & direct route front brake line.

Why would anyone want an xr400... they're like 4 years history, nothing on them is new technology. And still less power than the drz. If you have a choice between an xr400 and wr4xx ... go with the wr by all means. :)

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