head cover gasket PROBLEMS

i just ran my 02 426 today for the first time. (its 440, high compression, port and polish etc. i had a basically stock 426 before and i had no problem) when i get on it hard, 2nd or 3rd gear or higher and hold it pinned the head cover gasket blows. the 2 half circles pop right out.

this ever happen to anyone? i dont know if its becasue of the higher compression and all or if the gasket just needs replaced. i doubt its cuz of the compression cuz i dont think there is much pressure ontop of the head. im going to get a gasket anyways but just wanderin if anyones seen it before.

Make sure the crank case breather that attaches to the valve cover is not pinched!

It sounds like you have excessive blow-by (crankcase pressure) that cannot get out of the engine, check for a blocked breather hose, or the new rings are not sealing well (they may after awhile)

i was thinkin about it last night and i thought the same thing. turned out it was kinked. so i re-routed it and it works great now. thanks for replying guys

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