Calif Sound Checks coming to OHV's

Hey All

Here in Holister hills we just got informed that the powers current are now taking random checks for sound db checks. This week end they will have Volenteer chk points to have your bike tested and chked for db.

Bikes 1975 and newer must meet 100db I think or 104, after 1975 its 105db

If you pass ya get a little stiky that says soo.

if you dont ya pack up go home and pack the muffler until ou pass :)

I know me WB R4 exhaust wont pass.......

Ya may want to chk your local Calif Riding areas to see if there are chk points this weekend


GREAT! My last sound check at Stonyford was 111 db. Anyone know what the Pro Moto billet insert tests at?


02 426

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